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I hope this email finds you well

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

20 emails that will find your customers well—when done correctly.

It's easy to fall into the comfortability of email newsletters and promotions. And while these strategies work well for many, they're simply the beginning of your email and marketing automation strategy.

What other kinds of emails can ...should... we be sending?

Steal some ideas to integrate more email into your marketing strategy:


Welcome emails have an average open rate of 82%, well above the average email campaign. So don't skip over the 'thank you' to your newest customers or newsletter signups. This one is a home-run, such an easy-in to establish a feel-good relationships with your new customer.


One common misconception is that newsletters need to be newspaper length. Wrong. A newsletter can simply contain 2-3 relevant pieces of content. If you don't have your own content, be an aggregate! If you've skimmed a few articles this week, the chances are that your customers or audience might find them interesting also.

relevant content

Recommend products based on your customers purchases or views. Don't have super sophisticated date yet? Try simply recommending some of your most popular products, content, blog posts or social posts. And just like that, you're already personalizing your emails.

post-purchase follow up or review

Post-purchase emails are super helpful in allowing you to maintain a relationship with your customers. Additionally, post-purchase emails can increase repeat purchases, further driving customer loyalty and overall success for a business. Reach out post-purchase to see what they thought. Liked it? Ask for a review, then use that on your site, social, etc.

abandon cart

Get this, abandon cart emails have seen open rates of 45% and conversion rates of 24%. This is higher than any other type of email, making them an essential tool for driving customer loyalty and sales. Where would you be if 24% of your non-customers became customers? If you have the capacity, consider a discount to re-engage.

donor solicitaiton

If it pertains, specifically to nonprofits, find meaningful reasons to reach out to your donors. It's important for donor solicitations to be timely, relevant and engaging in order to maximize their effectiveness. Additionally, by segmenting email lists into different donor categories based on past giving history, nonprofits can further improve the efficacy of their donor solicitation efforts. Afterwards, let them know how their donation made an impact.

follow us on social

Easy as that. Provide a few recent posts to show them what they're missing. Propose a social media giveaway for current (and new) followers.

event invitations

Webinar, in-person, meet up, yoga retreat, kidsfest, all of the above.

shipping and delivery updates

More than 78% of online shoppers not only want a shipping confirmation -- they expect it. And 60% will track their orders via email when given the opportunity. What's better than knowing your order has shipped? Knowing it's been delivered.


Birthday emails are always made sweeter with discount or gift. If that's not in the cards for you, consider something heartfelt, entertaining or helpful.

profile updates or completion

Keep track of your users journey, especially in the beginning stages. If they've only halfway completed signup, remind them why they chose you in the first place. Give them specific examples of the benefits of completing a profile with your site.

client testimonials

People listen to people. If anyone has ever said a nice thing about you, ring it out. Nearly 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would trust recommendations from their family or friends.


Any kind of sale or deal warrants a notification to your email list. Hot tip: create a deal specifically for your email subscribers, and let them know it's exclusive. Monitor these emails analytics closely though, it's easy to get carried away if you're a product-based business.


Have a referral program? Maybe start one.

win-back (or re-engagement) for inactive customers

Re-engagement or win-back campaigns are in a class all their own but they can have a huge impact on your stagnant or unengaged customers. Nearly 25% of win-back emails result in a transaction while 14% end up with repeat orders.

Not sure where to go next? Let's chat and remember, email is cool.



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