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We've done the hard part for you

one year of email templates

Nearly all of us are comfortable with email from a personal stance but creating email templates, strategy and content for your business can be a new venture.

So, we've done the hard part for you with One Year of Email Templates.

No more starting from scratch. From welcome emails to product promotions to referrals, we've harnessed more than a decade of experience to ensure every step of your customer nurture cycle is complete.

Considered your email, covered.

Start with confidence

Jumpstart your email campaigns with professionally designed templates that ensure every email you send hits the right note.


Nurture Connections

Whether you're reaching out to new subscribers or reconnecting with your list, our templates provide the perfect starting point for meaningful interactions.


Guidance at Your Fingertips

No more staring at a blank screen. Our meticulously crafted templates guide you through the world of email communication.


Easily replicated

Each template is specifically designed to be easily replicated into your own email service provider. But if you want some help, we're just a click away.

what's included?

A (bakers) dozen email templates to guide your customers on their year-long journey from brand new to adoring advocate.


A (bakers) dozen email templates meticulously crafted from more than a decade of experience


Purpose-built, ready-to-use content for occasions and goals from new customers to brand advocates


Easily customizable to match your brand's unique voice and style down to spacing, length and accessibility 

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