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I'm kara

not a boss babe

Whatever a "boss babe" is, I'm sure I'm not that. I’m terrible at networking and a worthless salesperson. I won’t talk you into something that isn’t a good fit and I won’t swindle you into services you won’t use. 

Where I excel, is helping. I truly get a "helpers high" by enabling individuals with easy-to-use strategy and tools that make an impact.

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photo of me, Kara taken by talented photographer Leah Evens. You can't really tell but im surrounded by plants, it's cool.


My 12+ years experience in digital marketing range from digital agency to non-profit; from startup and higher education to data tech.


I haven't seen it all but I've seen a lot and I know email isn’t going anywhere. I can promise you professionalism, courtesy and organization along with your thoughtful email and marketing automation strategy.


Like I said, I gotta fuel this "helpers high."

I get a kick out of showcasing the true value of email and marketing automation - you don't know what you don't know. 

Long term or short term, we can decide what's best. Either way, I'm happy to help.

+ a little more, because you're cool

  • I’m stereotypically left handed: creative with terrible handwriting

  • I’m located in KS with my husband and three kids

  • Love 'The Office. If you want to debate vs 'Parks and Rec' I’m all ears. Come prepared with a defense.

  • I spend my free time traveling, gardening, attempting hot yoga and cheering the Jayhawks

  • I also use my skills to help organizations that can't afford them, creating automations and websites for nonprofits benefitting women, children and the underrepresented

What a fun, upclose photo of a bright pink neon smiley face sign. I should have this in my kitchen.
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