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buying email lists is like blind dating

Are you still buying your email lists? Eh, let's rethink that because here are four reasons why buying an email list is like going on a blind date with your mother's coworkers adult son:

Who is this person?

Sure, maybe they look good on paper. They check all the boxes, they have a good job, a steady email address and they're a living breathing person. Plus, they showed an interest in you -- or did they?

The honest truth is, sometimes that emails address isn't a person. It's a spam trap that was created or overtaken by Gmail, Yahoo, etc solely for the purpose of catching purchased, non-consenting email sends.

Do they even like you?

Or worse -- do they even know who you are? Does this person know you exist? Or did they hear about you from their mothers coworker? They maybe got a glimpse of who you were that one time, when someone told a story about you. We can only hope it was a story that made you look good...

These people on this purchased list might not even know your business exists. List sellers can promise demographics and matching interests but just like your mothers coworker, they're just trying to get someone in the door.

Did they agree to meet with you?

Or did their mom just throw this opportunity on them and iron their shirt too? If they don't know who you are and they didn't even really agree to go on this blind date, what are the chances they'll be even slightly engaged in what you have to say?

You can try all the engagement and "Welcome!" emails you want but be honest with yourself; if you received an email from a completely random name or company, what are the chances you're interested? More often than not, before the initial date, you're already annoyed.

You had little opportunity to get to know them before the date

Based off a name, you might have been able to look them up on social media before the date but even then, what does that really tell you about a person? So maybe you've got the superficial version of them, but what are you going to talk about on this date? Let's hope you have some topics in your pocket that might peak their interest.

You cannot, in any way possible, provide personalized content to this purchased list. You have no verified behavior data or interests tied to these people in relation to your business.

Okay, so instead of the awkward blind date with Terry, let's try making genuine connections with people who are actually interested in you. Foster some genuine conversation with topics that are relevant to them, nurture the relationship a bit before you dive in deep and ask them out on a date (or, even more personal, ask for their email address) before you try to split dessert.



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