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Five Uncool things killing your email marketing

Let's face it. You don't know what you don't know.

And there's nothing wrong with that. I know little about black holes and how fast our universe is moving toward them ... but you know I'm gonna keep myself in the know.

So that's all you need to do. Just keep yourself in the know and -hey- if you're looking to save yourself some time, keep me in the know too.

not even using it

In an era dominated by social media trends and flashy marketing tactics, email seems to have been overshadowed. However, beneath this façade lies a hidden treasure trove of engagement and growth opportunities. Service-based businesses often underestimate the impact of well-crafted email strategy.


It's time to change this narrative and recognize that amidst the noise, the simplicity and directness of email marketing can be the game-changer that fuels the growth of small businesses.

sending a pdf attachment to you're entire email list

We see you and -hey- we've been there too. Creating a cute flyer for an upcoming event, saving as a PDF then easily attaching and sending it to your entire list of subscribers through your gmail account.

You know who doesn't like this? Google. This is historically a tactic for spammers so you, my friend, have now sided with the spammers in Google's eyes.

Instead, create a free account with MailerLite or MailChimp, let us help craft beautiful branded templates and keep yourself in Google's good graces.

disregarding accessibility

One often overlooked aspect of email strategy is accessibility. Disregarding accessibility in email marketing is akin to locking the door to your business for potential customers.


Imagine a visually impaired individual trying to engage with an email that's laden with images but lacks alternative text. Consider the frustration of someone relying on screen readers, encountering emails that are not structured for easy navigation.

Not only is this about about compliance; it's about inclusivity and extending your message to all corners of your audience. 


By embracing accessibility, you not only enhance user experience but also unlock the door to a wider, more diverse clientele.

full-image emails

Ah, the allure of full-image emails, where visuals take center stage. However, beneath their captivating exterior lies a crucial pitfall.


Relying solely on full-image emails risks alienating a significant chunk of your audience. Imagine the frustration of recipients whose email clients block images by default, leaving them staring at a blank canvas. Accessibility concerns aside, full-image emails also struggle with deliverability. These emails often find themselves diverted to spam folders, their visual splendor lost in the shadows.


Instead, strike the right balance between visuals and well-crafted text with the 60/40 rule is the key to emails that engage, inspire, and reach every inbox.

too many calls-to-action

Get your discount today! Tell your friends. Don't forget to follow us on social! Read the newest blog post here. Review us on Google!


Don't overwhelm your subscribers. No one, I mean no one, is going to click on all of these CTAs (calls-to-action). They might click one. Which is why it's best-practice to use one CTA per email campaign.

Instead: It's okay to send all of these emails -- but let's send them in multiple campaigns. Sent to the right, segmented audience.

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